Marvel Contest of Champions celebrates National Native American Heritage Month with two new heroes

By , on November 6, 2023
Last modified 4 weeks, 1 day ago

We are currently underway in this year's National Native American Heritage Month, and Kabam alongside Marve are marking the occasion with two new fighters entering the Contest of Champions. Apache warrior Kushala will be joined by Kabam's first original character, the First Nations hero Chee’ilth.

An ancient and powerful enemy has come to The Contest and threatens to destroy the entire multiverse. Pursuing this entity is the Sorceror Supreme Kushala, but even her might and the Summoners are no match for this new foe. Making their debut across all of Marvel and backed by two spirits of great might, Chee’ilth may be just what is needed to tip the scales.

Gail Williams was a foster child who ended up in an abusive home following the death of her parents. Despite this, she grew into a good and proud woman, and when the gamma reactor exploded in her town, she immediately dove in to rescue her foster father despite his previous actions. This drew the attention of two Divine Spirits, Brother Frizzle and Sister Eagle, who chose Gail to be their Champion, bestowing on her the ability to fight and also heal, and dubbing her Chee’ith.

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One of the most interesting parts of her story is shown on page 13 of the free backstory comic. Her ability to heal extends to curing those who have undergone gamma mutation, placing her square in the firing line of one of Marvel's most powerful entities; The One Below All. Her story places Chee’ilth in a position to develop into an incredibly fascinating character.

In contrast to the relatively green Chee’ilth, Kusha is a battle-tested veteran and a proud member of the Apache nation from the mid-1800s. After her tribe was slaughtered by U.S. soldiers, Kushala allowed herself to be possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance. Dismayed by the carnage she wrecked in this form, she set out to rid herself of her new passenger. Ultimately failing, she instead came to master the mystic arts, becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of her time.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. Kushala will be arriving on November 16th, with Chee’ilth rounding off the month on November 30th.