Relive a 2005 legend on your iPhone as Resident Evil 4 gets a release date

By , on November 8, 2023
Last modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago

After recently welcoming the Game of the Year Resident Evil Village, iPhone wielders will be able to enjoy another GOTY-winning behemoth of the franchise next month, as Resident Evil 4 has a launch date. Gamers can get their hands on one of the series' best titles from December 20h.

Resident Evil 4 was a marked departure from the first three in the series, trading the slower more tension-fueled survival aspects in for a more action-packed, and perhaps most noticeable a much more dynamic camera system. Whilst this was quite a brave move by Capcom, it paid off in the form of numerous Game of the Year nods as well as a raft of other wins and nominations, in addition to infamously the worst video game companion since Navi.

Whilst the Christmas release date is some quite amusing irony for a horror game, it does fall nicely for anyone who needs to pick up the hardware to play it. Whilst any iPad with an M1 chip or later, which first appeared around 2021, is capable of running this, only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are eligible to play. So if you haven’t already nailed your Christmas list down, now is the time.

Whilst the base game is undoubtedly worth multiple plays on its own merits, you will also be able to pick up the Separate Ways DLC to dive into the mysterious side character, Ada Wong. Since Resident Evil 2, this enigmatic agent has been butting heads with Leon, leading to a complex relationship between the pair. Separate Ways will allow players a deeper glimpse into Ada, as she undertakes her own mission alongside the main narrative.

Resident Evil 4 is available to pre-order now from the App Store and will come with a limited free trial before you need to purchase the full version.