Experience a marriage of matching and body shops as Hutch releases Forza Customs

By , on November 15, 2023
Last modified 8 months, 1 week ago

For better or worse, there are a few big names in each gaming genre that typically dominate the scene; shooting has CoD, RPGs have Final Fantasy, and racing has Forza, which has just dropped a car customisation game for iOS and Android called Forza Customs.

Turn 10 Studios have partnered with Hutch, another big name in the racing game business with titles like F1 Clash and Top Drives propping them up, and have now released a mix of car customisation and puzzle gameplay, using that most sacred and age-old of mechanics, the humble match-3.

An important thing to note is the two aspects of Forza Customs are completely separate. You are able to fully customise your vehicle however you like with different hoods and spoilers, and then have some fun with the puzzle aspects. It isn’t some strange hybrid between the two, more a partnership between two powerhouse gameplay modes.

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There is a fleet of cars to choose from to make your dream vehicles, with manufacturers such as Porsche, Ford, and, Volkswagon all lining up to visit your portable chop shop. Thanks to the fully featured photo mode, you can share your own motorised Frankenstein project with the world. Hutch has committed to updating their title with regular updates with new cars, game modes, rewards, and more being on the cards. 

When announcing the release, Hutch CEO and Co-Founder, and correct speller of the name Shaun Rutland, said: “Forza Customs is the result of two studios coming together to do what they each do best. Combining Hutch’s expertise in creating automotive titles for mobile and Turn 10’s Forza legacy, Forza Customs is set to be an ideal balance of both qualities”.

Forza Customs is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.