Devsisters bow to fan backlash over planned update to CookieRun: Kingdom

By , on June 20, 2024
Last modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago

The oft-paraphrased Gordon Gecko once opined that “greed is good”, a mantra he clearly did not trot out in front of a ravenous cookie-based fan base. After some impressive levels of backlash, the team behind CookieRun: Kingdom has announced that their much-maligned update will be postponed as they address their audience concerns.

Originally slated to be released June 19th, Devsisters posted a tweet thanking the community for their, rather optimistically worded, feedback on these matters. As well as stating their desire to look at what the rabble wanted, they have also confirmed that for the time being, all ongoing game events and shop deals will be extended.

It appears that a lot of this controversy revolves around one biscuit; Dark Cacao. There is already one form of this character in the game, and this update would have introduced a second, the Dragon Lord Dark Cacao Cookie. The problem is that this would also come with a new Rarity category; Ancient+, instead of updating the existing version.

This led to widespread cries of greed, taking a cookie and creating a better version in a tier that would undoubtedly cost a lot to try and get. It draws a few parallels with Jagex recently trying out that Hero Pass in Runescape. The biggest difference here is that Devsisters pumped the brakes before release.

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They must have some credit for that, but even more for their swift actions following the backlash. An announcement in the CookieRun Discord server laid out their changes to the update. Ancient+ is being scraped, instead introducing a new Awakening system for existing Anicent Cookies.

As an apology for what many would consider a greed-based overreach, Devsisters are reaching into their pockets and offering players 3,000 Crytals, 100 Juicy Stamina Jellies, and 100 Radiant Beascuit Dough. These will need to be claimed before June 27th. If you want an up-close look at the controversy, download CookieRun: Kingdoms from the App Store and Google Play.