A powerful hero and a host of new challenges arrive in Epic Seven

By , on June 25, 2024
Last modified 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Epic Seven has set the table for its latest update, and it is just rammed with exciting new content to enjoy. There is an alternate universe story, a new rift season, check-in rewards, and most interestingly of all, a new hero who comes with a truly impressive skillset that will devastate enemy teams.

Our new character for recruitment is the Moonlight Hero, New Moon Luna. She is a five-star Light elemental hero who is deeply tied to the dragon world. A half-dragon, she has a close connection to Yufine, treating her as a younger sister. Despite being one of the heroes who ended the war of the dragons, she works as a royal mage, hiding her origins from the humans.

As a war hero, you would expect her to be packing quite the skillset, and Smilegate has delivered. Her first hits an enemy with HP-scaling damage, whilst increasing Lunas’ CR, whilst her second also scales, decreasing DEF for a turn, and increases CR by 50%. A successful hit also deals additional AOE damage to all foes. The third skill, however, is a thing of beauty. It dispels all buffs from every enemy, and inflicts Seal and Unbuffable for two turns, leaving them easy targets.

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To celebrate, you can enjoy a 14-day Check-In Event containing 600 Mystic Medals, a limited Covenant Hero, Luna, and a 5-star Artifact Summon Ticket. Starting on the 27th, the new Moonlight Theater “Days of Piercing Cold” will be updated sequentially. It follows an alternate universe story and features Fallen Cecilia, Abyssal Yufine, and New Moon Luna, set in the war between the Karoons and the Winds.

The new Rift season will allow you to choose the equipment set you want and introduce the Abyssal Tyrant Kraken. Difficulty has been reduced somewhat, as has the amount of energy needed to enter. Abyssal Yufine will also make their debut as a boss in the Hall of Trials, along with two exclusive pieces of equipment for Moonlight Heroes. Finally, the Arena has a litany of changes, including the choice of opponents shrinking from five to three, and the list resetting after defeating one. You can also enter the new Emperor League if you desire a real challenge.

Epic Seven is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.