Solo Levelling: Arise kicks off events to honour its 50 day aniversary

By , on July 1, 2024
Last modified 1 week, 6 days ago

It has only been 50 days since Solo Leveling: Arise but it has already been racking up the downloads and garnering that acclaim, and Netmarble are looking to keep that positivity flowing. The developers have added a host of events full of rewards to give the players something to keep coming back for.

Let’s start off with the Check-In event, cause we all want to be showered with gold for simply showing up to a place. This 14-day event will be available until July 31st and will be setting Seo Jiwoo for success. You can earn their exclusive weapon, SSR Unparalleled Bravery, and the Seaside Spirit costume. There will also be Custom Draw Tickets and more up for grabs.

If you read that thinking, “Well I don’t have Seo Jiwoo so why should I care!” then pull yourself together! Until July 10th you can take part in the Collection Event by clearing Gates, Encore Missions, and Instance Dungeons. By clearing these you will earn 50th Day Celebration Coins which can be exchanged for SSR Unparalleled Bravery, Custom Draw Tickets, and as you might guess, Seo Jiwoo.

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There are two further events ongoing until July 10th. Starting with the Proof of Illusion Lee Bora Rate Up Draw Event. Everything is in the name of this one, you can take part in a draw that has the SSR Lee Bora at a higher rate, so if you need a unit that can deal big Dark damage and Charm enemies, try your luck. 

Our final event is the Pit-a-Pat Treasure Hunt, which will earn you Treasure Hunt Events Tickets by completing in-game missions. You can then use these to find hidden rewards on the Treasure Hunt Board, such as a Skill Rune Premium Chest. Get through enough boards and you will get accumulated rewards like Heroic Rune Chests.

We also have had a glimpse at the road map for the latter half of 2024, which includes a Grand Summer Gestical, new game-original Shadows, Guild content, and the debut of Original Hunters like Goto Ryuhi and Go Gunhee. To get ready for this upcoming fun, download Solo Leveling: ARISE from the App Store and Google Play.