Boxing Star celebrates its sixth anniversary by giving players power over time and space itself

By , on July 8, 2024
Last modified 6 days, 5 hours ago

It has been a delightful six years of bopping folks in the ring thanks to ThumbAge Cos’ Boxing Star, and the developers are celebrating in some style. There are new skill types to master, new gear to rip open the gates of the universe with, and of course, a fancy new hat to collect.

Let's start with the big one, the new gear. It has been dubbed Omega Gear, so you can already guess how powerful that will be from the name. They come with the ability to distort space and time, which as far as I know is not specifically banned in boxing matches so it’s all good.

As well as messing with the fabric of the universe, this gear increases your critical damage probability and all attack speed levels, so you will be whipping those punching out like nobody's business. It also has the option to reduce the opponent’s defence, and adding all that together comes to one broken piece of gear.

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Skill Trees have undergone a bit of a chance to revamp the structure, and there has been a smattering of new ones sprinkled in. This includes the introduction of passive skills, ones that you don’t need to equip to be in effect. Simply learn them, and start hitting people with much more force for free.

With all this new power it would be no wonder if it goes to your head, which is why starting from the 12th, everyone will be able to claim the 6th Anniversary Crown. This will only be available for four weeks though, so make sure you can will your chance to become boxing royalty.

Everyone will receive a 6th-anniversary coupon which can be exchanged for a bumper boost in gold and coins. Finally, the 6th anniversary comes complete with various in-game events to complete to receive a host of extra rewards. All in all, quite an impressive anniversary.

Boxing Star is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.