Mickey Mouse masters the sword in Disney Pixel RPG

By , on July 9, 2024
Last modified 5 days, 3 hours ago

There was a time when if you heard the concept of a Disney RPG with swords, guns, and combat you might have found it ridiculous, but the Kingdom Hearts franchise proved it's actually a fantastic idea. We will soon be having more fun with that premise, as GungHo Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of Disney Pixel RPG.

It makes everything so much easier when the title pretty much explains the whole concept of the game. You will be able to control a host of Disney characters, all rendered in a quite charming pixel art style, and send them into battle. You will also have your own avatar, so you won’t spend all game staring at the mouse.

Beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and the less lovable but still recognisable Donald Duck will all be available to hang out with, and you will be able to experience all-new stories featuring these iconic heroes, including the central mystery plot. You will take them into battle with you, and even tackle rhythm theme world challenges.

Disney Pixel RPG will be available for you to play no matter how hectic your life is and regardless of your skill level. Take full control and dive into fast-paced battles as you command your adorable army to crush its opposition in a fully Disney-approved manner. Or send out a team on their own expeditions to gather materials as you take on the hum-drum of everyday life, happy in the knowledge that Winne the Pooh is toiling away in the mines for you.

If you have ever been jealous of how the mouse dresses, or if you want to try that bold Donald Duck look, then you are in luck. Throughout your adventure, you will collect a host of Disney-themed clothes to equip your Avatar with, to make your Disney dress-up dreams come true, in Pixel fashion.

Disney Pixel RPG is available to pre-order now from the App Store and Google Play, ahead of its release later this year.