Build yourself the biggest army in history with a huge month of giveaways in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

By , on July 10, 2024
Last modified 4 days, 7 hours ago

We are apparently, despite how much I don’t believe this, already getting well into the month of July, which can only mean one thing; it is the Month of Seven in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. Well, it might mean other things too, but during this month Netmarble will be burying us under free gear, so forget Uncle Terry’s piano recital, your priorities should be here.

Here is the best part; every single one of these events requires nothing from players, beyond just showing up. It is the Month of 7K, and there are four events primed to shower you with more treasure than you can fit in your pockets. Two of them seem mutually exclusive though, but even then can’t complain about something for nothing.

The Full of Rubies Check-In will take place over seven days, with six lots of 7,700 Rubies given out, and then a whopping 77,700 on the seventh day. The Appreciation Special Check-In will last 14 days and has some delicious rewards. These include 777 Legendary Hero Summon Tickets on the last day, which is definitely worth showing up for. 

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Our paths may diverge somewhat here, as there is a New Welcome Check-In for new players, and a Welcome Back Check-In for returning ones, both of which have seven days worth of treasure. If you are someone who has played before and is coming back, you will net yourself seven Seven Knights All Hero Summon Tickets, four Four Lords All Hero Summon Tickets, and one Four Lords of Old All Hero Summon Ticket.

Finally, back to the New Welcome Check-In. Those of you just starting out will be able to do so in style. First off, you can earn a total of 77,777 Normal Hero Summon tickets, enough to create one incredible starting team. You will also get the Month of 7k New Welcome Chest, which is packed with even more tickets.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.