Tinseltown Dreams: The 50’s has made its Premiere on the AppStore.

By , on March 20, 2010

Ever thought of making movies from your iPhone? Not small videos recorded from that low-res camera, but major motion pictures where you can make it big! Tinseltown Dreams: The 50's is a Match 3 movie-making game where you can create your very own box-office sensation. Accrue money by swapping tiles; then use the funds to hire a cast and crew and purchase props for your masterpiece.The game is currently available on Apple's App Store for $2.99.

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More Info:

Hollywood is at the center of Tinseltown Dreams: The 50's, a Match 3 movie-making game that allows players to create their very own box-office sensation.  Assume the director's role and swap tiles to earn a budget, hire a superior cast and crew, and purchase more props.  Developed by Big Blue Bubble, who also worked on Namco's Garters & Ghouls, the game boasts 35 cinema inspired levels based on Namco's highly acclaimed original PC version.

"Merging the best Match 3 mechanics with the ability to create your own films using characters, sets and props is unlike anything else on the App Store and provides hours of enjoyment," stated Jonathan Kromrey, general manager of Apple Games for Namco Networks.

The title features Facebook Connect, which allows fans to share scores and in-game achievements.  Apple fans can expect the game to be available on Mac in the near future. 

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