AXION, a new RPG now available

By , on May 8, 2010

ZIO Interactive Inc. has released Axion, a new hack & slash RPG for the iPhone and iPod Touch that promises some great action. Get the App for the launch price of $2.99.

Checkout the YouTube Preview:

App Info:

Customize your combos in the step-by-step combo editor, create various pets out of equipment items, strengthen and add new capabilities to your weapons...
There are countless ways to enjoy this RPG and make your character evolve.
Even after choosing among the 4 available character profiles, you continue to make the fundamental choices regarding your character's evolution. Mainly, you'll have to determine whether you want to rely more on brute force or magic, ranged or melee attacks, etc.

As you'll play you will notice that the game has much more depth to it than it looks at first. You'll have to adapt your strategy to the type of enemy and swap between ranged, melee and magic attacks.
There is no single good way to develop your character. You can well be ultra offensive and concentrate on brute force with your first character and focus on magic powers with your second one.
There are also several possibilities of improvement of all your equipment parts and gathering equipment sets will grant you greatly increased powers.

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akali95 8 years, 6 months ago

I believe that this game could use a faster healing rate, since monsters which are at about your level deplete your HP after a few encounters and force you to return to the town, to the bed to recover your lost health (or buy a really big bunch of potions which will sadly deplete your money), which is kinda annoying.
Also I believe that Axion should be healed, totally or at least partially, before boss encounters or on any certain occasions.
Last thing I have to say is that a joystick would definitely improve the game because, for me at least, it will be easier and more fun to use (maybe even put an option to switch between the joystick and the D-Pad).