Yslandia - A New MMORPG for iPhone

By , on October 4, 2010

Bulkypix recently released Yslandia, a new subscription-free MMORPG for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for the modest launch price of $4.99.

Checkout a gameplay preview:

App Info:

"Darkness's rebellion rumbles on Yslandia, forever disturbing the balance of the Elements.
And thus the rhythm of the drums gives way to the whistling of the blade."
Malaïm belief - Book 4, Humiliation 5

Dive into the heart of the Yslandia universe, a subscription-free MMORPG. With its innovative game play, finely detailed graphics, and an addictive soundtrack, Yslandia has been ranked number one in France for role-playing games since its release. Wage battles in real time in a conflict where 6 races are vying for the possession of a group of magnificent islands, each with its own unique characteristics.

Create one or more characters from a large selection and embark on an exhilarating adventure!
Through hundreds of quests and regular ingame events, discover a rich universe populated by colorful characters and unusual creatures. Explore, fight, trade and collect rare items for the glory of your clan!

Advance on your own or with a team and lead epic battles and duels in real time.
Control the advancement of your character and learn to master spells and new fighting techniques. Compete in the race for totems, control Yslandia's territory and defend the glory of your clan! (The more totems your clan controls, the greater the glory in PvP and RvR).

Invite your friends to be part of your guild, control their characters when they're offline and exchange knowledge and items with them.

Proud adventurers, become a legend through the OpenFeint worldwide rankings and join thousands of other players in the world of Yslandia!

Yslandia and its many challenges steadfastly await you!


Roam Yslandia through hours of game play: many islands to explore with more than 200 entertaining and unusual quests, dynamic dungeons, 18 distinct classes to try, and loads of creatures to discover.

Plunge into a graphic ambiance worthy of the greatest 2D MMORPGs, with finely detailed graphics and a revolutionary control interface with the first dynamic D-Pad.

Take part in duels, arena combat, battles, and trials, and explore Yslandia in PVP or PVE, alone or as a team.
Find all of Yslandia's features in the complete ingame manual translated into 5 languages!
Fight for the glory of your faction with a system for controlling territories.
Participate in events and competitions organized in real time.
Discover new islands with new quests, characters and monsters.
Enjoy new spells, items and weapons

Take part in the first mobile multilingual MMPORG!
Enjoy ingame public or private chat, a list of your friends, and your inbox.
Collect, sell and trade items with no limitations!
Discover an innovative system for managing guilds (teaching spells / controlling offline friends)
Share your experience on OpenFeint

Note: Yslandia requires an internet connection (WIFI, 3G, EDGE...).

Get Yslandia on the AppStore for $4.99!


FalloutNewVegas 8 years, 10 months ago

Ok thanks =]

FalloutNewVegas 8 years, 10 months ago

Wow awesome a new rpg game. I know it seem like a very obvious question, most mmorpg games never have a singleplayer but does this one have it. Just really, really hoping because right now I have no wi-fi =[

andrew 8 years, 10 months ago

I'll be attempting to review it if I get enough spare time - unfortunately MMOs are difficult to fit around a traditional schedule for the very reason that they don't sport single-player campaigns. I'll try to let you know if it does have one when I pick it up :)