Zombie Racers Coming to iPhone and iPad

By , on October 3, 2010

Big Head Games recently released some gameplay footage of their upcoming Zombie Racers, due to arrive in the AppStore in time for this Halloween (31st Oct 2010).

Checkout the game play preview:

App Info:

- Story mode, race against other Zombie Racers, win races and kill zombies to unlock more tracks and new cars.

- Free Roaming mode, go anywhere, kill zombies, use weapons in 3 exciting modes, Dusk To Dawn, 666 Zombies, Every Last Drop.

- 2 Player Multiplayer, play against friends in free roaming mode.

- OpenFeint achievements and high scores.

- Large array of cars from Pickups, 4x4s to Drift cars and even a Golf Kart.

- Great locations and tracks from corn fields and shopping malls to airports and shipping docks.

- Bloodfest of weapons including helicopter blades, flame throwers, zombie magnets and the 'corpse stealer'.

- Punk soundtrack by the brilliant Bankrupt.