Vampire Origins Reloaded Now Out for iPhone and iPad!

By , on October 7, 2010

Chillingo have announced the release of Vampire Origins Reloaded for the iPhone and a HD version for the iPad.

Take control of Vincent once again to defeat the bloodsucking hordes, this time though, things are a little different. Take on the evil vampires in the brand new Survival Mode, and use the gyroscopic controls to take aim and blow your enemies away!

The HD version is currently on sale for $0.99!

Checkout the YouTube Trailer:

App Info:

With beautiful music and incredible comic-style hand-drawn cut scenes, Vampire Origins offers a powerful, story-driven introduction to the Vampire Saga, introducing new characters and plotlines as the history of this world begins to unfold. Truly immerse yourself in the gothic nightmare as you use the amazing new gyroscope gun range to take down those bloodsuckers before you become overrun! The Tavern is a non-linear addition to the main game; dark city streets surround this haven for vampire hordes! Race against time to save Elsa!

Vampire Origins: RELOADED features a variety of engaging game play scenarios. Shoot, evade, and explore as you make your way through the beautifully crafted Gothic world. There's an innovative close-up sword-fighting mechanic, potions, scrolls, keys, levers and more to find and use. Not to mention set of clever, entertaining puzzles and vicious bosses.

The object is simply to stay alive until dawn. Sounds easy? Well the legions of deadly demons closing in around you have something to say about that. With accuracy and speed at your fingertips, use the new and innovative gyro control system to blast the hordes to bits in nonstop action game-play. Once you've taken out the monsters, compare scores with your friends on the fully-integrated Crystal leaderboards, and earn and admire a trophy shelf full of story-based Achievements!

Explore an impressive and sinister three-dimensional world, discovering Gothic artifacts, new weaponry, and plenty of terrifying monsters as you go. Dark alleys crawl with demonic vampires and you'll be thankful for every bit of light on screen!

Get Vampire Origins Reloaded for the iPhone, and get it in HD on the iPad for only $.0.99!