Star Wars Pit Droids Is Now Free To Download

By , on May 3, 2012

Pod-racing puzzler Star Wars Pit Droids has been updated with 20 new levels and is currently free to download.

This game tasks you with guiding accident-prone pit droids to their destinations by laying out arrows for the directionless droids to follow.

In this title, which plays out like a colour-coded version of Chu Chu Rocket, you'll have to direct yellow droids with yellow arrows pointing to the yellow exit, blue droids with blue arrows to the blue exit, and red... oh you get the picture.

Movie tie-ins are reliably terrible, so it's rather surprising, then, that this is actually a smart puzzler, with a simple premise that quickly becomes fiendishly complex.

A worthy AppSpy 4/5, in other words.

Star Wars Pit Droid is currently free to download. There's no word on how long this deal will last, mind.