Red Bull Championship BC One - New B-Boy Dance Game Released

By , on November 22, 2010

Digital Chocolate recently released Red Bull Championship BC One, bringing the B-Boy competition to the iPhone and iPad.

App Info:

Battle against the best of the best, pull down the coolest moves and win the respect of the crowd. Forget about gravity, let your body pulsate to the beat and take the lead with motion-captured moves from Roxrite, Lilou, Cico, Hong 10, Taisuke, Pelezino and Ronnie. Make the most spectacular moves using the special drag & hold feature on four rhythm channels and take it to the limit! Now is the time to take your place at the side of the B-Boy crews, give your best and break the boundaries, your new life in the B-Boy scene starts here!

Full Version Features:
- Enjoy 40+ hours of adrenaline fuelled B-Boying fun
- Experience staggering motion-captured moves from 7 of the world's best b-boy dancers
- Become one of the stars in the most important international B-Boying competitions, pull down the greatest moves and keep the rhythm of the beat
- 28 levels with easy & hard taplines - master them to be in the B-Boying hall of fame
- Realistically transported dance choreographies - about 650 motion-captured moves - from real-world stars!
- 14 famous international locations in 3D provide varied atmospheres for the big challenges
- Famous voice actor "Zurek" acts as MC and guides through the contests
- Apple Game Center integration allows users to bring in friends and soon-to-be-friends on all the action. Invite someone to join, then get the game going and move up the leaderboards. Meet your match and score!
- Crazy moves, extreme motions, spectacular light effects and fireworks put the player right into the action loaded B-Boying crowd
- 29 licensed tracks of B-Boying sound artists fuel the battles


Started in the late 70s, B-Boying is alive and kicking:
Today a vibrant and well-connected B-Boy scene exists worldwide!
One of the most important B-Boy competitions is the Red Bull BC One, where 16 of the world's best B-Boys meet to compete and to determine in a 1-on-1 knock-out-battle who is "The One."
Extraordinary artistic skills, an outstanding character, and a good reputation in the community are the success formula to get selected as a dancer for the Red Bull BC One. The challenge lies in finding influential dancers from all continents ready to set new standards and show state of the art breaking.

B-Boy battles have their roots in 1-on-1 competitions. During the past 15 years these 1-on-1 battles have been pushed to the background as crew competitions became more popular at the big events. Red Bull's objective was to go back to the roots and show B-Boying in the most spectacular and powerful way.

After an auspicious start in Biel, Switzerland (2004), the battle moved to Berlin, Germany (2005) and Sao Paulo, Brazil (2006). The 2007 Red Bull BC One Battle took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in 2008, the best B-Boys of the world battled it out in the heart of Paris, France. In 2009, the Red Bull BC One took B-Boying back to its birthplace New York City!

This year, the Red Bull BC One will be held in one of the most vibrant metropolises of all-Tokyo! Japan has a big and lively Hip Hop scene and the event is awaited with great expectations since Japanese B-Boy Taisuke is one of the favorites for this year.

Get Red Bull Championship BC One on the AppStore for $2.99.