Saturday Morning RPG Receives Mammoth Update

By , on May 9, 2012

'80s nostalgia-fest Saturday Morning RPG has received dozens of balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and improvements in a massive update from developer Joystick Labs.

And while we loved Saturday Morning RPG's upbeat tone and referential humour, we noticed the need for a tweak or two in our 4/5 AppSpy review.

So, the game's ever-so-slightly wonky controls have been smoothened, while enemy strength, item effectiveness, and your attack slider have all been re-balanced to ensure a more even difficulty curve.

Furthermore, certain troublesome enemies have been tweaked individually, so overpowered baddies should be less of a frustration in the game's turn-based battles.

Finally, Joystick Labs have been squashing bugs left, right, and centre so that you can enjoy your fix of '80s nostalgia without having to relive the BSoDs, too.

Saturday Morning RPG is available as a free download from the App Store, with additional 'episodes' in Marty's radical story available as in-app purchases.