Side-Scrolling RPG Swordigo Free On the App Store

By , on May 11, 2012

Side-scrolling RPG Swordigo is currently available for nowt on the App Store, marking the first time the game's price has been discounted since its March release.

In this 2D adventure, you are cast as a young hero embarking on a quest to bring peace to the land. How novel.

Along the way, you'll bash monsters with increasingly powerful weaponry, unlock fearsome magical abilities, and hoover up XP like there's no tomorrow.

(There is, by the way.)

Evoking the feel of the classic adventure RPGs of yore, Swordigo boasts around ten hours of swashbuckling, puzzle-solving gameplay.

Here at AppSpy, we thought that Swordigo was a charming romp, with heaps of variety, a relentless pace, and taut combat. It's no wonder we awarded the game 5/5 in our review, really.

Swordigo is available now from the App Store, and it's currently free of charge. This is strictly a limited-time offer, though, so eager adventurers will want to quest their way to the App Store sharpish.