QI's top 10 iPhone Games for September 2012

By , on October 14, 2012

While we're already off and running in the month of October, the QI list of the top games for September is up, so let us take a look at what that list contains.

1. Poker Tools
2. FIFA 13
3. God of Blades
4. Gingy
5. Rayman Jungle Run
6. Blast-A-Way
7. Bad Piggies
8. Crafty Creatures
9. Pocket Trucks
10. Linkie

Now our top 3 isn't out just yet, but it'll be interesting to see if there are any match ups. I expect Bad Piggies to be mentioned, and maybe God of Blades or Rayman: Jungle Run. What i find kinda iffy though is that Poker Tools isn't even a game... it's an app to study the odds of poker hands. QI has seperate lists for games and apps in their top ten, so i do find this odd. Ah well, let's see what October brings.