Friendstrap - a game of comfort and endurance

By , on November 20, 2013
Last modified 8 years, 10 months ago

How well do you know your friends? Have you ever wanted to have an interesting conversation with a complete stranger? That's where Friendstrap comes in. The concept is simple. Each of the two people participating hold their finger on the screen. The first one to lift their finger off loses. The game suggests topics of conversation that range from the mundane and bizarre, to deeply personal, and things you might not want anybody to know. The 12 minute demo video will explain it all better than I could (if you have the endurance to watch it).

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A game of chicken lies at the center of this app, but even for a completely open and honest person (or someone playing the game with their partner), there's still the factor of how long you can last. You have to keep talking. You can't move unless you arrange it with the other person and coordinate. Whoever releases their touch loses, and while you may have had a completely edifying conversation, you were bested in conversational combat.

Friendstrap releases tomorrow on the 21st. Dare you try it?