Radiohead's first game Polyfauna merges music and mind-bending visuals

By , on February 13, 2014
Last modified 7 years, 5 months ago

Radiohead has released its first game onto the App Store - an interactive musical experience called PolyFauna.

Inspired by their The King of Limbs sessions, Radiohead has drawn on early computer life-experiments and creatures spawned from their subconscious mind to create the game's world. These images have then been realised by the digital designers at Universal Everything.

Taking sounds from the song Bloom, this free app could most easily be compared to an interactive screensaver. As the games description states, the screen is a "window into an evolving world." In the context of the game, this means you can guide your floating avatar around the screen by tilting your device.

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You'll find a red blob in each of the game's environments. If you manage to catch it, the blob will explode and deliver you to another area filled with new sounds, music, and images.

Dragging you finger across the screen causes organic forms spring into life. The shape of these creatures vary between environments, and, like the music, help to make each area feel like a unique world.

PolyFauna is free on the App Store now. If you have any interest in music or art, we definitely recommend giving it a look.

 [App Store link]