Upcoming mobile game Hitman GO to bring Agent 47 to touchscreens

By , on February 14, 2014
Last modified 6 years ago

Taking the stealth and murder themes of IOI's Hitman and transplanting them successfully into a mobile game is, we imagine, a daunting task.

However, that's precisely what Square Enix Montreal has just done, creating the entirely new turn-based strategy expereince Hitman GO.

Resembling a board game, the turn-based phone and tablet title will see you moving Agent 47 along set paths on a grid. You will have to plot the course to his target, avoiding the attentions of unwanted eyes. Once you have made your move, the guards and other enemies will take their own turns, potentially blocking your path or blowing your cover.

As this is Agent 47 we're talking about, you'll be able to utilise disguises, distractions, and a host of weapons to infiltrate each of the game's heavily guarded locations.

With a clean diorama style, and the promise of playing Cluedo in reverse, we are eager to see how this one turns out. Details are still limited, but the team at Square Enix Montreal say we can expect more info soon.


AmpersanD 6 years ago

Can't wait