Bigger worlds and cute puppies coming to Minecraft – Pocket Edition

By , on February 19, 2014
Last modified 8 years, 9 months ago

Whether you spend your time in Minecraft - Pocket Edition building tall towers or excavating mines, the promise of new content is always good news.

Good news, then, as Mojang has just confirmed that the next big update for Minecraft - Pocket Edition is on its way to iOS.

The update will focus on improving the game's code, allowing the game to generate even bigger worlds for you to explore. The Pocket Team is also working on a host of other tweaks, including improved AI, an updated inventory system, and new animals.

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This announcement also came with some bad news for beta testers of Pocket: Realms, the new Minecraft service designed to improve online play. It turns out that testing for the mobile edition of the service will temporarily halt on March 1st, allowing the team to focus on the PC version before its full release. 

However, testers are assured that the world's they have lovingly nurtured during the beta period will be saved, and will be waiting for them when the testing period resumes.

Monjang has yet to reveal when the latest update will go live on the App Store, but we promise to keep you up to speed with any new developments.