Adventure classic Another World on sale for 69p / 99c

By , on February 24, 2014

There are few games as aptly named as Delphine Software's Another World. This slice of gaming history may be 23 years old, but  remains an fondly remembered classic - one which you can now pick up for 69p / 99c on your iPhone or iPad.

When it was first released on Amiga and Atari ST in 1991, Another World transported early gamers to a polygonal world beyond their imagination. Looking at the original now this seems laughable, but the cinematic story remains a fantastic tale of friendship and adventure.

Bulkypix's 2011 iOS port adds a new coat of paint to the alien worlds. This brings texture and depth to the old polygons, breathing new life into the classic game.

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The port shows reverence for the original, giving you the ability to instantly switch between old and new visuals. You'll also get the choice of both a virtual d-pad and touch controls control system. 

You can download Another World for 69p / 99c now. It'll be back up to £2.49 / $3.99 before long, though, so we recommend you grab it now if you're interested.

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