Pirate-themed puzzler The Voyage to weigh anchor on the App Store this Thursday

By , on February 24, 2014
Last modified 5 years, 4 months ago

Developer Mojo Bones is preparing to launch The Voyage, its pirate-themed follow-up to puzzler The Curse, onto the App Store.

The Voyage pits you against the swindling seadog Captain Bodnar Bucklebeard. Over the course of game he'll throw no less than 100 different puzzles at you, ranging from number problems and pattern recognition tests, to mazes and sandwich preperation.

Yes: sandwich preperation. A pirate's got to eat, you know.

Tallking to sister site Pocket Gamer, Mojo Bones co-founder Stuart Ryall revealed that the dev team are "huge fans of the Monkey Island series - especially the humour - and this is pretty much our nod to the original series."

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This seabound brain-teaser is the spiritual successor to the The Curse, a similiarly structured puzzler which saw you doing battle with a mischevious spirit trapped in a posessed book.

You'll be able to download The Voyage from Thursday, February 27th.