Hijack military drones in upcoming hacking sim Stratolith

By , on February 26, 2014
Last modified 5 years, 4 months ago

Whether it's Obama's foreign policy or the new RoboCop movie, talk of military drones is croppping up everywhere. I guess it was only a matter of time, then, before someone made a mobile game which lets you order your very own drone strikes.

That game is Stratolith, a "hardcore" hacking sim from Ambi-On creator Winning Blimp which is coming to tablets this year.

Though still pre-production, Stratolith has already captured our imagination. The team has published some preview screenshots show retro-looking radio equipment, and nautical scanners.

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From the look of things, the game involves hacking into drones remotely by hijacking the radio signals controlling them. By twiddling knobs and messing around with wavelengths, you can assume command of the unmanned craft, and then redirect them towards your own targets.

Clearly a more seriously-minded offering from Winning Blimp, this definitely marks a change in direction from the developer's Breakout-esque Ambi-On and block-puzzler Mosaique

Stratolith is due to arrive on tablets this winter. Unless it gets intercepted en route, that is.