Puzzle RPG Block Legend now available for iPhone and iPad

By , on March 7, 2014
Last modified 6 years ago

Retro RPG puzzler Block Legend is now available from the App Store.

The game sees you choosing from a large cast of heroes and performing classic JRPG tasks such as fighting monsters, exploring towns and completing a number of quests in a variety of regions.

Traditional JRPG this is not, however, as the majority of the gameplay takes the form of a tile-breaking puzzle game. From the looks of the trailer, you'll be matching coloured tiles to gain experience, power up attacks, and defeat a horde or pixel-art beasties.

You can download Block Legend from the App Store right now for a mere £1.49 / $1.99. Bear in mind the game contains no IAPs, so that one-off purchase is all you'll need to enjoy the game in its entirety.

If you're still undecided, whet your appetite by checking out the "Unnecessary Dubstep Edition" of the Official Block Legend trailer below.

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