Nuclear armageddon sim First Strike to hit the App Store on March 12th

By , on March 7, 2014
Last modified 6 years ago

You know those plans for world domination you have tucked away? Well, prepare to put them to the test on March 12th, when nuclear strategy simulation First Strike is released on the App Store.

First Strike is an RTS at heart. It features the same base-building, territory expansion and upgrade researching typical of the genre. The main innovation here is the game's interface, which takes the form of a rotating, fully-interactive globe.

The premise is simple: you take control of a real country armed with nuclear weapons (otherwise known as a 'superpower'), and then set about conquering your neighbours.

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Putting your plan into action involves building a variety of nuclear weapons to attack other countries, and thereby expand your territory.

An involved research function allows you to change and adapt your strategy, letting you build stronger weapons, receive information on enemy tactics, and even create automated self-defence sequences. Essentially, the entire planet is yours for the taking - provided you have an effective strategy.

The fate of the world will rest in your hands next Wednesday, when First Strike lands of the App Store. In the meantime, check out the official trailer above for a quick glimpse of the game in action.


TheAspieFox 6 years ago

So it's basically WWIII. :p

This looks like a great RTS title, though. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on it !