Feed smoothies to an Andalusian donkey with latest Hay Day update

By , on March 10, 2014
Last modified 6 years ago

The latest update to insanely popular farming sim Hay Day adds an important item which no farmer should be without: a smoothie maker.

We've no idea how this fruit and yoghurt-blending contraptions work within the context of the game, so we're going to assume you strap it to a cow's udders and then feed it strawberries.

Arguably more important than a smoothie maker, however, is the newly added ability to expand your land beyond its current limits. Once you've increased acreage, you can beautify your farm with new paths, fences, and other cosmetic flourishes.

Finally, if you get bored of playing with the cows, you can get to know the newest member of Hay Day's menagerie: the Analusian donkey.

Fanatical farmers can download the Hay Day update for iPhone and iPad right now.

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