Knock-Knock. Who's there? AppSpy live on Twitch at 5pm GMT

By , on March 11, 2014
Last modified 6 years ago

If you're about at 5pm GMT / 9am PST, then James and I would love to have you join us on the AppSpy Twitch channel.

Well, I definitely would like you to join us.

James probably doesn't want that many people tuning in, since he'll be making a fool of himself live on The Internet, screaming like a big girl's blouse as he tries to play creepy horror title Knock-Knock by Ice-Pick Lodge.

But don't worry about James's feelings. Come and witness the horror of a manchild shrieking at an iPad in the dark. Join us. JOIN USSSSSSSS...

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stooney 6 years ago

I am so torn right now ... totally love your hands-on videos, totally not interested in this game ... :-(

VideoJames 6 years ago

To be honest, we weren't bowled over the game either. Still, that's why we do these playthroughs: to sift out the diamonds from the rough.

However, if you want to see all of Thursday's new releases a day in advance, join us on Twitch tomorrow at the same time (5pm GMT / 9am PST). We'll be playing them all, and answering your questions live.

Thanks for watching!

stooney 6 years ago

So I'll be watching tomorrow then ;-)

On a totally differerent note ... since you mentioned it and I also hadn't seen it before, I watched the first two episodes of "Twin Peaks" afterwards.
This might have been the bee's knees in the early 90s, but nowadays it's kinda ... well shite really.
Did you see "Broadchurch" already?
Same thing it seems, only GOOD ;-)