Skrillex uses sci-fi shooter Alien Ride to debut his new album

By , on March 12, 2014
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Vertical shooter Alien Ride just got a lot more interesting. Professional ear abuser Skrillex has used the free game as a platform to debut his new album Recess.

Alien Ride is a simple shmup that has you destroying asteroids with lasers. However, play it for a few minutes, and you'll unlock tracks from Skrillex's latest jam. The music will only be available for a limited time, but the game provided a link to download the album on iTunes when it goes live on March 18th.

Alien Ride hosts Skrillex's new album

This isn't Skrillex's first appearence in a game. In 2012, his music appeared in both Syndicate and Far Cry 3.

In fact, mainstream music acts are harnessing the power of the App Store more and more. Just last month, we were looking at Radiohead's Polyfauna, an interactive app featuring a virtual world inspired by the band'sThe King of Limbs sessions.

Personally we're looking forward to a first-person shooter inspired by Tom Jones in which you have too fling oversized ladies underwear into his yodelling mouth.

Alien Ride is available now on iPhone and iPad, while Skrillex's Recess will hit iTunes on the March 18th.

[App Store link]

Source: Stereogum [via Kotaku]


TheAspieFox 6 years ago

The game itself is really "meh", and the album has only a couple of good songs (in my opinion). ;-;