Scalpel please: Surgeon Simulator out on iPad later tonight

By , on March 12, 2014
Last modified 5 years, 11 months ago

Gory, patient-punishing PC game Surgeon Simulator will check into the App Store tonight.

This iOS version of the cult hit aims to recreate the sadistic surgery which made the original game so notorious.

You assume the role of Nigel, a doctor who appears to have limited control over his motor functions. It's up to you to perform a series of delicate surgeries on Bob, a patient who will soon be writing a strongly worded letter to his medical insurance provider - if he has any fingers left to write with, that is.

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As you'd expect, the Surgeon Simulator team has tweaked the controls for touchscreens, meaning you'll be using gestures, taps, and swipes to guide your scalpel and activate the defibrillators.

You'll also be able to perform two brand new surgeries: an eyes transplant and a teeth transplant. I'm wincing already.

Plus, if you have an iPad 4 or iPad Air, you can upload videos of your medical malpractice to share with the world.

Surgeon Simulator will be available on iPad for £4.99 /  $6.99 later tonight.

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TheAspieFox 5 years, 11 months ago

Yeeahhh, so... This just came out and it's $5.99 .... I'll pass. The original game is free online and notorious for terrible controls and high difficulty (In a humorously good way) and I'm only likely to play this for like two or three days before moving on.

Like, I'd even be okay, kind of, paying $0.99 for this, but not $5.99. I'll stick with the PC version.

TheAspieFox 5 years, 11 months ago

Yyeeeaaahahahah! Time to rip open some chests with hammers!