Neon spike-dodging scroller Dextris is out now on the App Store

By , on May 8, 2014
Last modified 8 years, 7 months ago

Chaotic Box’s new neon-soaked auto-scroller Dextris is out now on the App Store.

Dextris sets you the simple goal of avoiding spikes as you whizz ever onwards up the screen.

Responsive controls let you direct two blocks left and right past a series of pointy hazards. Pressing on the right of the screens causes both blocks move right, while pressing on the left of the screen will see them dutifully dodging to the other side.

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Hold down both sides of the screen, however, and the blocks shoot to opposite sides of the screen, allowing you to squeeze through tighter gaps.

If you feel like giving Dextris’s colourful twitch gameplay a go then you can grab it from the App Store for free now. However, we'd recommend avoiding it if you are prone to migraines or hungover.

[App Store link]