New pachinko-inspired Super Monkey Ball will be bouncing onto the App Store this summer

By , on May 20, 2014
Last modified 9 years, 6 months ago

Sega has another Super Monkey Ball in the works: a pachinko-inspired mobile game called Super Monkey Ball Bounce.

This new installment of the trapped simian simulator pits AiAi against the evil Prof. Boscis once again. To prove yourself top banana, you'll need to guide the mini monkey through pachinko inspired boards clearing all of the pegs en route.

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The game’s 120 stages will span environments that range from icy mountains to bubble volcanos.

As you beat boards, you'll unlock seven characters from the franchise, such as MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon. Once released you will be able to play as these additional monkeys, and make use of their unique abilities.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce’s gameplay looks more than a little reminiscent of Peggle, but does seem to add the ability to tilt the board, allowing you to effect the path of your monkey once he is launched.

Expect to see more of Super Monkey Ball Bounce when it is launched onto the App Store .