Angry Birds Star Wars II gets 40 new levels in Rise of the Clones update

By , on May 29, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

Force-filled fowl flinger Angry Birds Star Wars II has just gained 40 new levels with the Rise of the Clones update..

The first 20 levels of this additional chapter follow the Pork Side, letting you take control of the Republic’s Clone Army as they dual with the Jedi on Kamino. This water logged world brings with it fast flowing currents that the piggies must overcome to defeat their force wielding foes.

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The other 20 stages take you to Coruscant, where the Sith assumed control of the galaxy’s capitol. Here you must turn to the Bird Side, and use the Force to fight back the green porkers and reclaim the cityl. On this high-rise city-planet, powerful air turbines give the birds get a little extra boost as they fly towards their target.

If that isn’t enough, both the Pork and Bird Side levels are hiding two additional levels that must be hunted out to play.

The update is available now for free if you already own Angry Bird Star Wars II, with the game costing 69p / 99c for newcomers.

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