Twin-stick shooter Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands is available now for iPad

By , on June 9, 2014
Last modified 10 years, 1 month ago

Prepare to rock out with your glock out: top-down shooter Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands has just landed on the App Store.

It may seem like an odd fit, but this twin-stick shooter is a tie-in to the titular band’s new LP, Recharge. Developed by Kuuluu Interactive, this old-school iPad shooter will let you unlock tracks from the album as you play through 50 violent missions.

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Controlling a member of the Resistance, you must use your power glove and elemental attacks to defeat the vicious half-human, half-metal Hybrids.

These beasts have ravaged the world of it resources leaving it as little more than a husk. It's up to you to return power to the planet to as you battle through the game's ravaged-future landscapes.

The game boasts tons of loot, with hundreds of items to collect. These should aid you in your fight, and to help you climb the online leaderboards.

If you own and iPad 3 or higher, then you can purchase Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands from the App Store now for £1.99 / $2.99.

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