Gameloft lifts the lid on upcoming endless-runner Spider-Man Unlimited

By , on June 13, 2014
Last modified 8 years, 5 months ago

With the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game still fresh in our minds, Gameloft’s announcement of its new endless-runner Spider-Man Unlimited came as a bit of a shock.

While 'runner' is certainly the easiest shorthand for this new Spidey game, a more accurate description of the action would be endless-swinging-crawling-punch-and-runner.

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Spider-Man Unlimited lets you take control of one of twenty different versions of Spider-Man. But, whether you are playing in the traditional red and blue suit, or The Boombastic Bag-Man, your goal of chasing down the hero’s iconic villains above the Manhattan skyline will remain the same.

Featuring three different modes, Unlimited Mode, Story Mode, and Event Mode, the game should have plenty of wall-crawling action to keep you busy.

Spider-Man Unlimited’s bold comic book art style already has our spidey-senses tingling. We will be keeping a close eye out for more news as we get closer to the game being released this summer.