Angry Birds Transformers trailer demonstrates why Rovio's new game will make me homeless

By , on July 25, 2014

If you're lucky enough to be attending San Diego Comic-Con then you might have already seen the new trailer for Angry Birds Transformers.

If you're stuck at home, at school, or even worse, at work, then never fear, because you can see the new video here.

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The video shows off a CGI render of various Angry Birds as Transformers, running through the environment and battling piggy enemies. Astrotrain, Optimus Prime, and Megatron all make an appearance, and they seem to be fighting on the same side too, which is neat.

What's not so neat is that this new trailer also shows off the new TelePods, which you'll be able to scan and subsequently bring new characters into your game. Since I'm a gigantic fan of Angry Birds, Transformers, and expensive plastic tat, I will absolutely have to collect every single one of them, and I don't think my bank account can take that kind of hit at the moment without skipping a major bill.

Like the rent.

Angry Birds Transformers is out soon, we'll bring you more from the game in the run up to it being released.