PSA: Motorsport Manager is out August 21st and you should probably buy it

By , on August 20, 2014

If you were to ask me "hey, Peter, what's been the best game you've played in the last 3 months" I would slap you in the face as hard as I could, screaming "did you not see my hands-on with Motorsport Manager?"

Then I'd try to calm myself down, and later apologise to you for my outburst. Sorry about that.

But that wouldn't make the sentiment any less true: Motorsport Manager is complex, accessible, beautiful, personal, and I honestly believe that any fan of racing or management games will adore it.

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The game is made by Christian West, whose credits include Joe Danger Infinity and Geometry Wars Galaxies, and the game's handsome tilt-shift visuals, combined with deep and compelling gameplay make for one of the most exciting management games in a good long while.

Entry fee? $4.99 / £2.99. Platforms? iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Universal app? You bet, and there's iCloud saving too.

Motorsport Manager is out August 21st. Buy it.