Game of Dice is back with a vengeance (and a winter update)

By , on December 16, 2016
Last modified 4 years, 4 months ago

Winter is officially upon us, and with it comes Joycity’s brand new winter update for its smash hit game – Game of Dice.

For those of you who’re new to the game, Game of Dice is the thrilling and super competitive virtual board game that sees you play solo or against your mates, to be named the most powerful property tycoon in the game.

While the game is already a huge success, the newest winter update looks set to be the best version yet, and is crammed full of cool (see what we did there) new features.

Explore the brand new 1:1 Crystal Village map, and take on your competitors in an intense battle to activate the glacial crystal - letting you ramp up your tolls and bankrupt your opponents. But players beware, because with new brand updates come brand new challenges.

Keep your eyes peeled for the frozen city blocks that’re dotted about the board, because landing on one of these bad boys could be your downfall. If you’re unlucky enough to step on one of these slippery squares, you’ll get just 1 more chance to roll the dice before all your properties are frozen stiff – making them impossible for you to collect your tolls.

But the fun doesn’t end there, as there’s a brand new character to play as too. Introduce yourself to “Wintery-Mary”, and make your way around the board using her special skill as a helpful aid. Just make sure you use it wisely, as you’ll only have 1 chance to use it per match.

And with other cool features including consecutive missions that reward you for winning 5-10 matches in succession, and a bunch of brand new presents for you to win - Game of Dice’s latest update could be right up you street if you’ve got a wicked competitive streak.

Game of Dice is available to download for Android and iOS.

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