Build cities, overthrow rivalries, and channel the Dragon spirit within you in King of Avalon’s latest update

By , on January 10, 2017

Fantasy fans and wannabe warriors rejoice, King of Avalon is back with its latest update, and this time there’s plenty more strings to the successful MMORPG’s bow. Allowing players to combine human combat skills and the divine powers of the dragon together for the first time, the Arthurian legend successfully comes to life on both IOS and Android devices.

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Since its launch last year it’s clear that the developers have made a point of keeping themselves busy, reaching out to fans and listening to feedback in order to best decide how to innovate and improve on what people already enjoy about the game.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the folks at FunPlus (the publisher behind the game) to discuss the new update, talking everything from the importance of community input, fan reception to the new content, and what new features are in store to keep players coming back for more.

“The Dragon is the players’ favourite aspect of the game, and the Dragon Spirit is an extension of that…” they said discussing what aspect they think players will enjoy most. “There’ll be more opportunities for each lord to personalize his or her own powers, and we believe players will love this.”

“The newest update includes one of our most exciting features to date – the Dragon Spirit! Players can now invoke their own Dragon Spirit, which is a humanoid extension of the dragon that will be able to utilize both human combat skills and the dragon’s divine powers. It’ll have its own exclusive weapons and equipment, and explore a brand new labyrinth to discover more treasures and adventures.”

That’s not all players can look forward to according to FunPlus. As if more dragon-centred content wasn’t enough, they went on to reveal that, “We’ll also soon allow players to challenge other lords across Kingdoms and even win the throne of other Kingdoms. Avalon will usher in a massive and exciting worldwide war and find out who will be the first King of Avalon.”

The entire intention behind the update is to enhance King of Avalon’s strategic qualities, giving players more unique and original opportunities to overthrow the enemy when entering battle. This expectedly widens the scope of the game in its original form.
“The biggest improvements lie in the more complex play, additional strategies needed, and the interactions across Kingdoms and alliances. This update makes the entire scale of the game larger and more fun.” And feedback on the update is already being well received: “It’s going great. We’ve receiving a ton of positive feedback for this feature. King of Avalon is doing very well and still rapidly growing. We have high expectations for our own game, as well, and we hope to have more and more players around the world who love this game as much as we do!”

King of Avalon’s latest dragon-centric offerings are free to experience now from both the Google Play and App store.

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