A new year, a new update for MMO Arcane Online

By , on January 23, 2017

Arcane Online is a fantasy MMO game that challenges you to protect the troubled land of Eldine from hoards of enemies. Join guilds, slay monsters, win loot and level up – the tried and tested formula for RPG fun. It was developed by PlayWorks and published by Gala Inc. last year - and it’s just received an update.

Originally there were three character classes to choose from - warrior, mage and shaman - each with their own skill set. Now there’s a new kid on the block. The archer. That could change the makeup of your guild, since an archer can hang back and loose arrows like nobody’s business, whilst warriors do their thing up close and personal.

There’s also a new guild vs. guild event – Dominion Wars. Just as it sounds, your guild must battle against other guilds for control of the six different territories, with two bosses, minions (of the non-Despicable variety) and towers standing in your way in traditional MOBA style.

The update also introduces the buddy system, allowing you to collect and summon your very own familiars. There are 28 in total available - a mix of furry, feathered and magical creatures ranging from a duck (yes, a duck) to a mimic. Each has active or passive skills that can aid you in combat. You can customise and upgrade your buddies over time – and even give them pet names.

If all that’s got you itching for adventure, then download Arcane Online for free from Google Play or the App Store.

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