4 perfect games to try on the Honor 8 Pro

By , on June 2, 2017

The Honor 8 Pro is Honor’s latest phone, and it’s a real powerhouse. The device is packed with high-end features including a 5.7 inch Quad HD display and eight-core Kirin 960 processor.

All of these impressive specs make the Honor 8 Pro the perfect phone for some serious, dedicated mobile gaming. Here are four games that will help you make the most of it.

1. Perfect for clicking - SPACEPLAN

If you’re a fan of clicker games, you’ll need a phone with a responsive screen. The Honor 8 Pro is more than capable of handling tap-intensive clicker games with its 5.7 inch screen and fast response times.

Devolver Digital’s SPACEPLAN is a clicker game that will put these features to the test. It has high quality graphics that will make good use of the Quad HD display, plus it tells a truly engaging, charming story.

2. Stunning visuals - Monument Valley

That display does more than hold up to some serious tapping. The Honor 8 Pro’s Quad HD display has a 2560x1140 resolution and advanced color management technology. All of that means the phone displays games at their highest fidelity and in gorgeous detail.

See what we’re talking about by playing Monument Valley. It still easily one of the most beautiful mobile games out there, with its colorful, ethereal environments.

3. Lagging solutions - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Framerates are a hot topic in gaming these days, and mobile games are no exception. Lag is fun for no one, but the Honor 8 Pro looks to solve that problem. The phone’s Vulcan API and eight-core Kiring 960 CPU cut through lag. This is a phone that can handle the most intense processing tasks.

Put these specs to the test with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The game launched in 2015, but it’s still one of the most demanding games on the Play Store. Brothers has one of the most unique control schemes we’ve seen in a game, and it uses those mechanics to tell a moving story.

4. Epic playing time - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

You can take your Honor 8 Pro on the road for 1.5 days* worth of wireless gaming. You can stretch that to 2 full days* if you’re sticking to normal, daily tasks. Long battery-life is of course important when you’re gaming on the go, and the Honor 8 Pro has your back.

Why not break that battery in with a 40 hour RPG? Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic performs great on mobile and it remains of the best western RPGs of all time.

*Data based on Honor lab tests. Battery life may vary based on usage patterns and network conditions.

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