Five things you should know about the Honor 8 Pro

By , on June 5, 2017
Last modified 2 years, 12 months ago

Honor released the Honor 8 Pro in April, and – with a longer battery life, speedier processing and VR capabilities – it’s a technological advancement over its predecessor. Here are five things you should know about the Honor 8 Pro.

1 – Did you know the Honor 8 Pro promises next-level gaming?
For a quality gaming experience, you want a phone that runs smoothly and looks great. Thankfully, the Honor 8 Pro delivers on both counts. It boasts a quad HD display and a dynamic colour range that’ll highlight the best graphics in mobile gaming. Using the Vulkan API with a powerful Kirin 960 chipset and 6GB of RAM, it also runs like a pocket Ferrari. So that’s a tick in the speed and display boxes. What’s next?

2 – Did you know the Honor 8 Pro is VR ready?
That 515ppi display and powerful processor means it’s compatible with the growing number of VR apps knocking around the mobile market. No need to worry about forking out for a headset, either – the Honor 8 Pro box doubles up as its very own headset, with minimal origami required for assembly. It’s like when you were a kid at Christmas and the first thing you’d do after unwrapping a present is play with the packaging - now Honor is giving you a good reason to.

3 – Did you know the Honor 8 Pro features a sleek design?
Keeping in step with modern minimalist trends, the Honor 8 Pro features a stylish matte finish to its metal casing tinted in blue, black or gold depending on your preference. What stands out most is the attention to detail and ultra-thin body, which at 6.97 mm is far slimmer than you might expect from most 5.7inch smartphones. Coupled with the subtle u-shaped curvature, the 5.7” ultra-slim polished metal body gives the phone an extremely sleek look.

4 – Did you know the Honor 8 Pro adapts to you?
The EMUI 5.1, Honor’s latest interface, picks up on your habits and adapts its behaviour to them. Say you open the same app at the same time every day – the Honor 8 Pro pre-empts you by loading it in anticipation. So when you tap the app, it’s ready to go in an instant.

5 – Did you know the Honor 8 Pro is friendly to your eyes?
The Honor 8 Pro comes complete with an eye comfort mode, filtering out blue light to reduce the overall strain on your eyes. So all those late night Twitter crawls and Instagram trawls won’t be so punishing to your peepers.

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