Oceans & Empires’ new update is making a real splash

By , on June 28, 2017
Last modified 3 years, 6 months ago

It looks as though it’s high time to be diving back into Oceans & Empires, as the naval strategy MMO’s new update makes landfall today. The June Grand Update brings a number of exciting new features that breath fresh excitement into your ocean adventures.

Put your naval might to the test with a new Boss Monster, Aestaros, who challenges players to intense Rally Attacks. You’ll need to team up with others if you want a chance to take down the monster, and with the help of the new global chat system, it’s never been easier. The chat system allows players to talk to anyone, regardless of server. New preset features make battles flow more smoothly, too, as you can now switch between different custom skill sets with the tap of a finger.

And if you do manage to conquer -Aestaros, you’ll now be able to get the best loot earlier on. Starting today, you only need to be VIP level 4 to “Receive All” after Alliance Battles.

Hard fought battles aren’t won without a trusty ship or two, and now you can build up your vessels to be even bigger and better. With the update, you can add impressive figureheads to your ships that also provide unique buffs. As your ship collection grows, you can also rename them so you can tell them apart.

The Grand Update welcomes other sundry changes, like Ship Durability Buffs, along with new items including Random Equipment Tickets and Voyage Speed Up 75%. Purchase methods have also been improved, while you can retrieve inactive Alliance Buildings.

Now’s the time to raise the gangplank and rally your fellow captains to explore islands unknown and waters untested.

Oceans & Empires is available to download now on iOS and Android.

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