Mobius Final Fantasy treats players with its one-year anniversary update

By , on August 3, 2017
Last modified 3 years, 5 months ago

As any long-time franchise fan will tell you, no Final Fantasy is truly the last. Proving this point once again is Mobius Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s mobile take on the longstanding JRPG series, which today celebrates its one year anniversary on iOS and Android. Such a commemorative occasion brings with it a glut of new events and rewards to jump in on and claim—a thank you of sorts for every dedicated Warrior of Light out there.

Heading up Mobius Final Fantasy’s list of celebratory gifts is a limited time Anniversary Greater Summon, which will handily allow players to perform one Greater Summon at no extra cost. This is in addition to various new limited-time ability cards that take inspiration from some of the game’s most famous set pieces, giving all one more chance to relive memorable moments from the Mobius story. For this month only, players can summon one free card a day, so get collecting.

Hardcore Mobius Final Fantasy will definitely want to take note of Mobius Week, which begins today and will give players even more opportunities to strengthen their character outside of the month-long campaigns. A seven-day event that stretches from today until August 8th, Mobius Week provides players with daily bonuses that help turn the tide of gameplay: double stamina received from Elixirs, increased fusion success rates, and more will only be available during this time. Players who have yet to venture into Palamecia’s more dangerous regions will now be able to enhance their teams and take on these new challenges.

Regular log-in bonuses and gifts such as these only scratch the surface of how Mobius Final Fantasy is rewarding its fans for an entire year of play. Additional gameplay tweaks come in the form of notable ability card updates and card summon enhancements that help for an improved experience, and players can now obtain Magicite from enemies in battle. You’ll be able to buy more items and obtain cards quicker.

Join the 10 million players worldwide already enjoying Mobius Final Fantasy and celebrate its one-year anniversary. The app, which currently features five story chapters, is available for free from both the App Store and Google Play.

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