Real-time MMORPG Team Guardian fights its way onto Android and iOS

By , on October 3, 2017
Last modified 2 years, 10 months ago

Hoping to create a unique console-quality Fantasy MMORPG experience on mobile, Pictosoft’s Team Guardian has made the ambitious leap from PC to mobile with a global launch. The game has already ranked in the top 10 throughout most countries it’s soft-launched in so far, and looks to enthral even more players with its blend of real-time action and fruitful RPG mechanics.

Featuring a wide selection of over 20 unique character classes (with seven more incoming), Team Guardian provides the foundation to let players craft their own distinct playstyle, whether ranged or up close and personal. Each feature their own unique abilities and skills to master, aiming to keep things fresh during your mission to restore peace to the mystical land.


Integrated real-time PvP is present for those hoping to take the action online in Team Guardian, ideal for players looking to butt heads with others internationally while representing their national flag. It’s in the “Forgotten Golden City” you’ll be able to achieve victory against online players, and when your done Team Guardian features a dedicated MMO plaza in which you can compare notes and hone your skills.

Further fleshing out the Team Guardian experience are explorable dungeons, lootable treasure warehouses, and record rooms. But most will want to take note of the dedicated Guild system. Tasking adventurers to pillage and claim the Guild Mines for the growth and honour of their guild, there are lots of rewards to claim should success be achieved.

Now everyone can get in on the real-time fantasy action offered by Team Guardian. Download it today from either the Google Play or App Store.

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