Clans, graphics, and castle sieges. We sit down with the folks behind Lineage 2: Revolution to learn more about the game.

By , on November 30, 2017
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Impressively harnessing the power of the PC original into the small screen of your smartphone, Lineage 2: Revolution is the new mobile MMORPG that plays just as good as it looks. Set within a beautiful fantasy land fully rendered in full 3D graphics, it’s never been easier for iOS and Android users to lose themselves in the heat of battle.

Lineage 2: Revolution offers players the chance to take part in thrilling 50 versus 50 real-time battles online, provides in-depth character customisation, along with a wealth of epic raids and sieges to always keep you busy.

To find out more about what makes the world, systems, and mechanics of Lineage 2: Revolution tick, we caught up with Netmarble, the publisher and developer behind the game. Discussing all things fantasy, MMO, and online, it’s clear that there’s plenty to be excited about.

What aspects of the game do you feel will excite hardcore MMO fans the most, and do you think the game will appeal beyond this core fanbase to casual gamers as well?

"One of the biggest strong points of Lineage 2: Revolution is that it provides some of the most amazing graphics on a mobile device.

We believe that even casual players may find this appealing. Casual players who may have been lured in because of the graphics will find that the various quests and UI/UX layouts will also make it intuitive for them to quickly adjust to the game. Overall, the game was developed so that anybody who has some experience playing an RPG on PC or console will be able to easily adjust to playing this game.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the hardcore MMO users. For them, there is plenty of content, such as Fortress Sieges or Castle Sieges between clans to see which clan is among the best in each server. Other than that, players will be able to create unique characters by collecting various equipment, upgrading their stats, and learning multiple varying skills. They will be able to enter special dungeons and fight in PvP battles. Hardcore MMO fans will find plenty of things to do."

We understand that the Western version of the game has been adjusted to give off a more Western “impression and feel.” Can you tell us in detail about what things you’ve changed?

"One of the first things you’ll notice is the design of the characters. In the Asian version, the human race has no facial hair, is clean shaven, and has a fairly slim build. It makes the character look boy-ish. On the other hand, humans on the western build have plenty of facial hair, is a bit more masculine, and has a muscular build. It makes the character look older. There are other changes with the NPC’s as well.

The western version will also have a different Castle Siege tutorial than the Asian version. Many of the Asian players will have experience with Castle Siege on Lineage unlike the western players. We’ve included a Castle Siege tutorial so that the western players can quickly adjust to the Castle Siege as well.

Finally, the western build will have a faster upgrade speed. It is well-known that Korean gamers are quite passionate about gaming. They will invest hours upon hours daily grinding on games they love. If we were to make character progression the same speed for the Western players, it would cause significant stress. Western players will not have to invest as much time to experience character progression by re-balancing the progression rate and by adding auto-clear tickets.

Other than this, we have 24/7 management, friendlier UI/UX, and a translation function for the chatting system. We have done our best to accommodate the western audience."

How important is the story to the game? Is there a specific storyline that you would hope players focus on?

"Lineage 2: Revolution is based 100 years before the story of the original Lineage 2. Players will join the world as a mercenary assigned to fight against the forces of evil. Although the player starts off as a small member of this mercenary group, through quests slowly becomes the main character of the story.

Ultimately, each clan will become a community, and this community will unite to create their own virtual world, leading to each server having their own unique story."

Which aspects of the game do you think will surprise players the most?

"Often when I’m introducing the game, people will often see the graphics and actually ask if the footage is from a mobile game. I believe that players will genuinely be surprised at the amazing graphic quality and the fact that this game is played in an open world and in real-time.

Whatever platform the player is playing on, they will be able to experience the best in graphics and gameplay and there will be plenty of comment to choose from. We really wanted this game to feel like an MMORPG.

If it’s going the way we want, the players will initially be surprised by the graphics, then they’ll be surprised when they first see that big group of players in real-time."

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