Dance with Ferdinand and friends in Ferdinand: Unstoppabull on iOS and Android

By , on January 4, 2018

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Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is a match three puzzler that invites you to match blocks to perform dance moves with your favourite characters from the animated movie.

It plays like a traditional puzzler, but each time you match certain blocks, your character will perform dance moves. You can perform a variety of different moves, and each can be upgraded to increase your score.

You can either play the usual way, or get the hedgehogs Una, Dos, and Quatro to play for you. This is an awesome cutesy twist on the typical autoplay option.

There's a ton of content to enjoy in Ferdinand: Unstoppabull, including hundreds of puzzling levels, a bunch of dance moves to learn and upgrade, and special abilities to unleash.

So take inspiration from Ferdinand and let nothing stop you from downloading it from the App Store or Google Play right now.

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