Get your clan battle-ready for Lineage 2: Revolution’s Fortress Siege

By , on December 22, 2017
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Netmarble’s mobile instalment of the Lineage franchise, Lineage 2: Revolution, was given its worldwide release earlier this year. The South Korean MMORPG has just received its first major update since, introducing real-time PvP tournaments Fortress Siege and Open Siege. Here’s the lowdown so you can get your clan battle-ready.

Fortress Siege

Fortress Siege is a 30-minute tournament held every Friday at 8.30pm PST. The competition pits two clans against each other, both vying for control of their desired fortress. Up to 100 players can take to the map at any one time, promising a pretty hectic head-to-head.

In order to qualify for the tournament, your clan will need to successfully bid on a fortress using the donated Adena you’ve accumulated. The two highest bidding clans will then fight for victory. Bidding takes place the day before the siege, on Thursday at 7pm PST. Everybody will walk away with Proof of Blood, Adena and EXP, though the winning clan will take the lion’s share, as well as red diamonds and buffs.

Be battle-ready

Each player enters Fortress Siege at the level they are, with the equipment they have, in the main game. That means you should be sure all of your clan members are up to scratch before you even think about bidding.

Level everybody up. The minimum level requirement for Fortress Siege is 11, but you’ll be fighting against clans with players of level 100+. If you don’t want to have your cuirass handed to you, aim to get yourself and clanmates up to a high level. Equip your most powerful rare weapons and armour, since these include PvP-specific bonuses.

Buffs are one way to ensure your clan comes out on top. There are several methods of acquiring buffs. You can prepare a feast, and encourage all of your clan members to partake for a stat buff. There are three sizes of feast available – small, medium and large. Large requires the greatest resources, but also provides the greatest buff. You can also buy buffs in the clan shop, which can be levelled up over time for better items and bonuses.

How to win Fortress Siege

Your ultimate goal is to capture the fortress you bid on. It isn’t a case of sprinting across the drawbridge then pulling it up before your rivals know what’s what. You have to overcome a series of defences to reach the other side of the map, then touch the enemy’s Holy Artefact for long enough to win the match. Meanwhile, your opponents are trying to do the same to you.

The map is laid out symmetrically. Each clan has a Holy Artefact, defended by two powerful towers. The fortress ahead of you can be entered and exited via gateways, but these are also protected by towers. Work together to eliminate the defences in order to breach the fortress, and get over to the Holy Artefact on the other side.

In the centre of the fortress are two altars. Whilst not essential in determining victory, if your clan wins control of one or both, you’ll all benefit from a hefty combat bonus. That extra power could come in handy. It’s also worth noting the healing pool – whenever you’re low in health, stand near it to regain your strength.

Open Siege

The more egalitarian cousin of Fortress Siege, Open Siege allows solo players to compete in an identical tournament of up to 60 players, 30-a-side. It’s held every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 8.30pm – 9pm PST. The baseline level for joining is still 11, but you’ll enter the battlefield with equal power to everybody else. Open Siege allows you to choose your class and race before competing, so you can change things up a bit (you’ll revert to your former self afterwards). You won’t benefit from the level of loot you can win in Fortress Siege, but it’s still worth a go.

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